Do you feel like your is missing something? Does it feel flat or unexciting? Sometimes you need to give more life to a character, and by seeking out a Second Skin costume from the experts at MAD Distribution you can do just that. Regardless of what you are looking for, there is a close fitting Second Skin costume to help you look the part. With official outfits including Where's Wally? and Rubik's Cube, as well as an amazing selection great generic characters including our Crash Test Dummy costume and seasonal Pumpkin Second Skin. You are guaranteed to get the right, tight fitting, look for whatever you do decide to wear. Second skins also function as a fantastic undergarment for a variety of our other outfits, pairing perfectly with costumes that show a lot of skin such as our Anubis the Jackal costume.

Second Skin Fancy Dress (21)

Second Skin Suit Adult Black


Where's Wally? Second Skin Costume Adult Red/White/Blue


Twister Second Skin Adult White


Skeleton Second Skin Costume Kids White/Black


Skeleton Second Skin Costume Adult Black/White


Second Skin Suit Crash Dummy Adult Yellow


Second Skin Suit Adult Red


Second Skin Suit Adult Orange


Second Skin Tuxedo Pattern Adult Black/White


Second Skin Costume Grass Pattern Adult Green


Second Skin Suit Adult Green


Second Skin Suit Adult Blue


Rubik's Cube Second Skin Costume Adult Black


Robotic Second Skin Costume Adult Grey


Pumpkin Second Skin Costume Adult Orange/Black


Penguin Second Skin Costume Adult Black/White