Halloween Zombie Costumes
Every year the popularity of Zombie costumes grows and grows, that's why at MAD Distribution we've been working extra hard this Halloween to bring you an unrivalled collection of un-dead themed costumes that are sure to terrify your friends. Our collection contains practically every type of Zombie, from classic Zombie Doctors, Nurses and Policemen all the way to Zombie Cheerleaders, Convicts and Fairytale inspired Zombie outfits including our ever popular Snow Fright costume. With a wide range of Men's Zombie Costumes, Ladies Zombie Costumes and Children's Zombie Costumes, you can have great fun this Halloween and kit the whole family out! It doesn't matter how undead you do decide to dress this October 31st, draw inspiration from the likes of The Walking Dead and Dawn of the Dead and totally transform into a flesh-eating member of the undead and terrify your friends this Halloween. Don't forget to add makeup and some Fake Blood to complete your look.

Halloween Zombies Fancy Dress (463)

Zombie Small Plate 8pc Party Goods One Size Fits Most


Zombie Large Napkin 16pc Party Goods One Size Fits Most


Zombie Zone Caution Tape Adult Orange/Black


Zombie Table Cover 137x274cm Party Goods One Size Fits Most


Zombie Surgeon Man |Adult Costumes| Male One Size Fits Most


Zombie Froze To Death Costume Adult Blue


Zombie Cup 9oz 8pc Party Goods One Size Fits Most


Zombie 2 Wound Scars |Make Up| Unisex Pack 2


Latex Zombie Jaw Prosthetic Adult Red


Latex Rotting Zombie Hand Prop Adult Natural


Girls Zombie Prom Queen |11 13 Years| Childrens Costumes Female 11 13 Years Halloween Costume


Foam Latex Zombie Face Prosthetic Adult Brown


Decaying Zombie Mask Adult Grey