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        1990s   costumes

        The 90s certainly was a decade to remember. It was the decade when football came home, Girl Power ruled alongside Grunge and Britpop made Britannia cool once again. MAD Distributions 1990s collection celebrates the best bits of the decade, focusing on all key trends from music to fashion to football so we can bring you the best costumes around. You and your friends get the party started in our full range of Girl Power Costumes that are perfect group outfits. If you're more of a solo artist, our 90s Rocker Kit & 90s Britpop kit are perfect for pairing with other items to complete the 90s look. More than just music however, you can also turn into your favourite TV Stars and Pop Culture icons. You can save the beach in a Baywatch Costume, come as Cher from Clueless, turn up as a Twister board with a Twister Costume or arrive in any one of our other licensed costumes.

        1990s Theme Fancy Dress (8)

        90s Bowl Cut Wig Adult Brown


        Retro Wrestler Costume Adult Pink


        Party Starter Costume Adult Blue/White/Red


        Nineties Detective Wig Adult Brown


        90s Stupid Tuxedo Costume Adult Orange


        90s Rocker Kit Adult Black


        90s Messy Surfer Guy Wig Adult Blonde


        90s Britpop Kit Adult Black

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