Want those perfect curls or that iconic short bob? Check out our great selection of 1920s Wigs. We have every 20's wig you can think of, from charleston wigs in blonde, to flapper wigs in black. With these, you can embody a silver screen superstar, or a party-loving flirty flapper. Don't forget that every flapper had her iconic headband, so check out our 1920s Accessories to finish off your look.

1920s Wigs (10)

20s Flapper Bob Wig Adult Black


20s Flirty Flapper Wig Adult Blonde


Rainbow Bob Wig Adult Multi


Charleston Wig Adult Blonde/Red


Deluxe 20s Flirty Flapper Wig, Pastel Pink


Halloween Party Bob Wig Adult Purple


Quirky Bob Wig Adult Black/White


Deluxe Bob Wig With Shaped Fringe Adult Cherry


20s Flirty Flapper Wig Adult Wig


20s Flirty Flapper Wig Adult Brown