3D prosthetics can instantly transform a terrible costume to a terrific outfit with a few simple additions and add-ons. That's why the special effects experts at MAD Distribution have designed an unrivalled range of 3D prosthetics that are perfect for scaring your friends. From stand out bodily injuries and other protrusions, to more subtle smaller prosthetics that only show slight changes. No longer do you have to spend hours in the mirror perfecting the perfect makeup, now you simply select your perfect prosthetic and complete your costume in no time at all. Don't forget you can also add a little extra to your fancy dress with help from our awesome accessory store! It doesn't matter how you decide to dress up, MAD Distribution has the finest fancy dress waiting for you.

Prosthetics (25)

Latex Claw Wound Prosthetic Adult Red


Foam Latex Werewolf Head Prosthetic Adult Brown


Foam Latex Monster Head Prosthetic Adult Green


Latex Zombie Jaw Prosthetic Adult Red


Latex Stitched Neck Scar Prosthetic Adult Red


Latex Pentagram Scar Prosthetic Adult Red


Masquerade Face Off Prosthetic Adult Flesh


Latex Zombie Eyes Prosthetic Adult Flesh


Latex Zip Scar Prosthetic Adult Red


Latex Stitched Smile Prosthetic Adult Flesh


Latex Realistic Devil Horn Prosthetics Adult Black


Latex Infected Bite Wound Prosthetic Adult Red


Latex Exposed Hand Bones Prosthetic Adult Red


Latex Devil Horn Prosthetics Adult Ivory


Latex Demon Horn Prosthetics Adult Black


Foam Latex Zombie Face Prosthetic Adult Brown