Politics has embraced our nation more so than ever. With our new range of Political costumes, you can step up your debating game this Halloween and really throw yourself into a debate. If it's British politics that takes you're fancy, then we have all you need to dress up as Boris Johnson, Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, & of course Nigel Farage. But we also have some offshore beauties, in Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump inspired outfits. Whatever you're searching for, deliberate or debate over our collection below.

Political Costumes

Union Jack Bow Tie Cloth Costume Accessories Unisex One Size


Dictator Overhead Mask Adult Flesh Mens


President Costume Adult Blue Red Mens


Union Jack Flag 3ft X 5ft Cloth Party Goods Unisex 3 X 5


Victorian Suffragette Kit Adult White Purple Womens


Union Jack Suit Adult Pink Blue Mens


Union Jack Sunglasses Costume Accessories Unisex One Size


President Wig Adult Blonde Mens


President Mask Adult Flesh Mens


Union Jack Sequin Bow Tie Costume Accessories Unisex 7m


Union Jack Flags 6" X 10" Party Goods Unisex 6" X 10"


Fever All That Glitters Rule Britannia Costume Adult Blue Red White Womens


Dictator Costume Adult Grey Mens


Union Jack Face Mask


Presidential Piggyback Costume


Iron Lady XL