How do you transform your fancy dress costume from timid to terrifying? Bathing it in fake-blood of course! MAD Distribution range of blood makeup is brilliant for Halloween and other occasions where you want to add an extra element of horror to your fancy dress costume without ruining your character's look. You can change from a cheerleader costume to high school horror fancy dress by using but a few splashes of blood, Zombie-fy any outfit using the MAD Distribution Blood Bottle or do a whole host of exciting outfit additions using our wide range of products. From thin pens for precision edits, to Zombie Blood Sprays and grousome Gel Blood Bottles to coat your costume, the range of cosmetic products that we offer allows you to create a wide variety of creepy styles for a cut price. Whatever you decide to dress up as this year, look fantastic with our wonderful range of make-up and accessories.

Blood (20)

Professional Style Gel Blood Adult Red


Zombie Gel Blood Bottle Adult Black


Zombie Blood Spray Black |59ml| |Make Up| Unisex One Size


Uv Fake Blood Gel Adult Green


Uv Fake Blood Gel Adult Green


Uv Fake Blood Gel Adult Orange


Gel Blood Adult Red


Fake Blood Gel Adult Red


Blood Spray Adult Red


Blood Spray |2oz| |Make Up| Unisex One Size


Blood Spray |2oz| |Make Up| Unisex 2 Oz


Blood Capsules Large Cd/4 |General Jokes| Unisex 4 Pack


Blood Capsules Liquid 6/Card |Make Up| Unisex 6 Capsules


Blood Capsules Adult Red


Blood Bottle Adult Red


Blood Capsules Liquid |6pcs| |Make Up| Unisex One Size