From Vicars and Nuns to Monks and Bishops, members of the clergy have regularly featured and starred in some of the nation’s favourite comedy shows over the past few decades, with their tongue in cheek takes on religion taking TV by storm and creating a new appreciation for the comedic value of the church. Now you can go for your own comedic, yet religious outfit, with help from our range of Nun and Vicar costumes. Containing a collection of costumes that ranges from funny to sexy and covering everything in-between, these outfits are ideal to get your party guests in a irreverent state of mind and make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. So why not make yourself into a Monk, put on a Priest Costume or slip on your Sexy Sister and enjoy a night out in our range of Nun and Vicar Costumes.

Saints and Sinners Fancy Dress (50)

Womens Nun Kit |Instant Disguise| Female One Size Halloween Costume


Nun Costume Adult Black/White


Mens Ninja 10" Nunchuk |Costume Accessories| Male 10" Halloween Costume


Gothic Nun Costume Adult Grey


Zombie Priest Costume Adult Black/White


Zombie Nun |Habit + Mask| |Adult Costumes| Female UK Size 10 14


Zombie High Priest Costume Adult Black


Womens Nun |Xl| Adult Costume Female Xl Halloween Costume


Womens Nun Adult Costume Female One Size Halloween Costume


Sexy Sister Costume Adult Black


Rabbi Costume Adult Black


Rabbi Kit Adult Grey


Pvc Monks Cross Adult Gold


Priest Costume Adult Black/White


Pope Costume Adult White/Yellow


Piggyback Monkey Costume Adult Brown