Clowns & Circus Costumes

Clown Costumes have been a favourite for people of all ages ever since the early days of travelling circuses and big top tents. The desire to hide or change our appearance for reasons of fun and frivolity has always resonated perfectly with the MAD Distribution ethos of being all about fun, and is why we believe the comedy of clowns has lasted for so long. Nowadays, the classic clown is but one of the hundreds of variations of clown costumes available online, with our costumes covering a variety styles to suit the mood of your party and size of your budget. You could try the traditional styles of a La Circus Deluxe Clown costume, mix it up in more modern creations like the Fever Patchwork Clown or simply select a few items from our wide variety of Clown Accessories such as our Clown Rubber Top Wig to create your own unique . Whatever outfit you do choose, you can trust MAD Distribution for quality and service.

Comedy and Clown Fancy Dress (379)

Realistic Muscle Top Adult Pink


Stripy T shirt Adult Red


Adult Mouse Kit Adult Grey


Clown Socks Red/White Stripe |Costume Accessories| Unisex One Size


Clown Pierrot Hat Mini on Head Bandand |Hats| Unisex One Size


Chicken Mask Adult White


Adult Lamb Kit Adult White


50s Neck Scarf Adult Pink


50s Flicked Beehive Bob Adult Black


43513 Adult Red


Zebra Party Poncho Adult White/Black


Where's Wally Kit Adult Red/White


Well Hung Highlander Costume Adult Tartan/Red


Scary Clown Mask Adult Red/White


Piggyback Bavarian Costume Adult Blue


Penguin Costume Adult Black