We have a wonderful collection of Red Riding Hood Costumes for adults and kids. Little Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale about a young girl in a red hooded cape and a Big Bad Wolf. Carrying a basket of food to take to her sick grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood is confronted in the woods by the Big Bad Wolf, who's only intention is to eat her and the basket of food. The wolf suggest Little Red Riding Hood picks some flowers for her sick grandmother, which she does. With the girl busy picking flowers, the wolf heads hurriedly to the grandmothers house, imitating her voice in order to gain entry. Upon the door opening, the wolf eats the poor old grandmother and disguises himself in her clothing, awaiting the arrival of the girl, whom he later eats whole. A scary old story if you ask us, but perfect for your next fairy tale costume party. Whilst the ladies and girls can dress up in our Red Riding Hood fancy dress costumes and grandma outfits, the men and boys can dress up in our scary Big Bad Wolf costumes. Be sure to add a basket complete with some food to complete your look.

Red Riding Hood Costumes (65)

Wolf Face Mask Realistic Fur Plastic Masks / Cardboard Masks One Size Fits Most


Wolf Mask Half Face


Wolf Set |Mask Tail + Paws| |Instant Disguises| Unisex One Size


Red Riding Hood Costume Adult Red


Foam Latex Werewolf Head Prosthetic Adult Brown


Womens Teardrop Hat Black Riding Hat |Hats| Female One Size Halloween Costume


Red Riding Hood Costume Adult Red


Wolf Costume Child Grey


Womens Red Riding Hood Adult Costume Female One Size Halloween Costume


Wolf Mask On Headband + Sound |Eye Masks| Unisex One Size


Wolf Costume Big Head Adult Costume Unisex One Size


Werewolf Furry Hands Adult Grey


Werewolf Hands |Patches| |Miscellaneous Disguises| Unisex One Size


Teeth Werewolf |Miscellaneous Disguises| Unisex One Size


Mens Wolfman Wig |Wigs| Male One Size Halloween Costume


Grey Killer Wolf Mask Budget |Rubber Masks| Unisex One Size