If you’re looking for a unique and totally hilarious costume, why not hitch a ride on one of our piggyback costumes for next event? Available for both men and women you’ll leave your friends in stitches when you enter your event on the back of one of our piggyback costumes. You can choose from a whole Zoo’s worth on Animal themed outfits, with piggyback costumes covering animals from small spiders to beastly bears with all the shapes and sizes in between. Not only that, but you could also get a lift with our Piggyback Grandma or choose from one of our other comedy piggyback costumes that are guaranteed to get the party guests talking. Off to a themed party or event? No worries! We also stock a whole host of themed piggyback costumes to suit a variety of occasions including our Piggyback Paddy’s Leprechaun Costume, Piggyback Santa and even a Piggyback Pumpkin costume that is perfect for seasonal parties. Don’t forget, you can also complete your costume with a whole host of makeup and other accessories.

Piggyback Fancy Dress (44)

Piggyback Chicken Costume Adult Yellow


Kids Piggyback Unicorn Costume Child Pink/White


Piggyback Rabbit Costume Adult White


Piggyback Clown Costume Adult Yellow


Piggyback Bavarian Costume Adult Blue


Piggyback Monkey Costume Adult Brown


Piggyback Cockroach Costume Adult Brown


Piggyback Spider Costume Adult Black


Piggyback Kidnap Clown Costume Adult Multi


Piggyback Ghost Costume Adult White


Piggyback Pumpkin Costume Adult Orange


Piggyback Shark Costume Adult Grey


Piggyback Kangaroo Costume Adult Brown


Piggyback President Costume Adult Black/Blue


Piggyback Turkey Costume Adult Red


Piggyback Comrade Costume Adult Black