Our range of elephant costumes are perfect for adults and kids. Elephants are huge animals, and a great contender if you are looking for an animal costume. Elephants never forget, and whats more they pretty much can squash anything that gets in their way. Our collection of elephant fancy dress is available for men and women, and girls and boys too. So if you want to become Dumbo for the day or just act all cute and cuddly then our elephant costumes are for you.

Elephant Costumes (15)

Elephant Animal Mask


Elephant Trunk Adult Grey


Elephant Kit Adult Grey


Animal Rubber Ohead Mask Elephant |Rubber Masks| Unisex One Size


Dsc-dumbo Tutu Dress


Elephant Set |Ears + Tail| |Instant Disguises| Unisex One Size


Elephant Costume Adult Grey


Adult Elephant Kit Adult Grey


Toddler Colourful Elephant Costume


Dsc-dumbo Jumpsuit


Elephant Mask On Hband & Sound |Eye Masks| Unisex One Size


Elephant Piggy Back Costume |Adult Costumes| Fits up waist size 38"/40"


Elephant Costume Kids Grey/White


Elephant Costume Adult Grey


Elephant Costume Kids Grey/White