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      Did you ever play Cops and Robbers in the playground? It may have been a simple youthful game of right and wrong, but the slightest mention of cops and robbers still manages to evoke childhood memories within everyone who hears. Here at MAD DIstribution, we like to celebrate our childhood, so bring to you an unbeatable range of Cops and Robbers costumes and accessories. From the Wild West Sheriff, to West London Bobby via New York Cop, there are police costumes from all the famous constabularies, allowing you to completely customise your costume and make it unique to you. If you'd rather be the robber, we've still got you covered with our large variety of convict costumes available in all colours and sizes. If it's accessories you're after, our one stop accessory shop contains all the Handcuffs, Holsters and Truncheons you need to catch the convicts or beat the bobbys. This range also includes a number of sexy police and convict uniforms that are ideal for when you want to really make an impression at the party or event.

      Cops and Robbers Fancy Dress (32)

      Police Helmet With Flashing Siren Light Adult Black


      Squeaking Policeman's Truncheon Adult Black


      Plastic Handcuffs Adult Silver


      Metal Police Badge Adult Silver


      Police Panda Cap Adult Black


      Metal Handcuffs Adult Silver


      Special Constable Costume Adult Black


      Police Hat Adult Black


      Mini Cop Hat Adult Black


      Detective Gun Adult Blue


      Ball And Chain For Convicts And Stags Adult Black


      Silver Metal Whistle Adult Silver


      Police Badge Adult Silver


      Hockey Mask Adult White


      Special Constable Costume Adult Black


      Policeman Instant Kit Adult Black