Kids Funny Costumes

Welcome to MAD Distributions comedy corner! Filled with the funniest costumes and ideas that are guaranteed to get all the little ones laughing! Our collection of comedy costumes contains everything from traditionally funny outfits such as Clowns and Jesters all the way to hilarious new styles including our children's Gingerbread Man Costume. If that wasn't enough, we also have a wide range of licensed funny costumes from everyone's favorite comedy Kids characters like Shrek or Kung Fu Panda. Don't forget, you can also accessorize any of these outfits with funny items from our wonderful accessories store such as clown noses, silly specs and hilarious hats. At the end of the day, Kids wear to have fun, so why not let them wear a fantastic funny costume from MAD Distribution!

Childrens Funny Fancy Dress (442)

Realistic Muscle Top Adult Pink


Flocked Fedora Hat Adult Black


50s Neck Scarf Adult Pink


Clown Socks Red/White Stripe |Costume Accessories| Unisex One Size


Clown Pierrot Hat Mini on Head Bandand |Hats| Unisex One Size


Clown Neck Ruffle Adult Pink


Adult Lion Kit Adult Brown


Adult Lamb Kit Adult White


Stripy T shirt Adult Red


Chicken Mask Adult White


Gimp Costume Adult Black


Duck Beak Adult Yellow


Cute Clown Hat Adult Multi


Rabbit Costume Adult White


Horse Mask Adult Brown


Giant Sunglasses Assorted Bright Colours Adult Assorted