1950s Costumes

Get in the swing of the Rock 'N' Roll decade with 50s . From Mersybeat to Motown, the 1950s was a time of immense change throughout the world, and was the decade that spawned youth culture, broke fashion moulds and saw the rise of a new breed of celebrity, the Pop Star. To celebrate such a momentous moment in time, we offer a range of costumes to remind you of the Rock 'n' Roll decade. You can choose from a variety of 1950s inspired outfits from T-Bird jackets to complete the Teddy Boy look, to the famous White Halter neck Dress to turn you into Marilyn Monroe. If you have a more specific costume in mind, MAD Distribution have a large range of licensed costumes including the 50s smash hit 'Grease'. Meaning you can dance like Danny or sing like Sandy in the official outfits from the summertime sensation.

50's Rock'n'Roll Fancy Dress (30)

50s Bowling Shirt Adult Black


50s Rockabilly Pin Up Costume Adult Red


1950s Petticoat Adult White


50s Flicked Beehive Bob Adult Black


50s Style Specs Adult Black


50s Diner Girl Costume Adult Pink


Flocked Fedora Hat Adult Black


Grease Danny Wig Adult Black


Grease Pink Ladies Jacket Adult Pink


Grease T birds Jacket Kids Black


Grease Sandy Final Scene Costume Adult Black


Grease Sandy Costume Adult Yellow


Grease T birds Jacket Adult Black


Grease Sandy Last Scene Wig Adult Blonde


Teddy Boy Costume Adult Blue


Teddy Boy Sideburns Adult Black